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One of West Michigan’s 101 Best And Brightest Companies To Work For

Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures Celebrates The 11th Year In A Row As One Of “West Michigan’s 101 Best And Brightest Companies To Work For”. Read the press release.

City of Belding

Belding is the home community for Stahlin. Go to “Community” then “Community Videos” then “Industrial” and you will see Jeff Seagle, President of Stahlin Enclosures. Visit http://belding.mi.us/

City of Greenville

Greenville is a neighboring community of Belding (9 miles away). Many of our Associates live here. Visit http://greenvillemi.org/

City of Grand Rapids

Approximately 30 minutes away, Grand Rapids is the nearest “big” city, and a leading cultural community in Michigan. Visit http://www.grcity.us/

Hello West Michigan

You can spend a lifetime seeking the perfect place to work and live, or just a few minutes. Visit http://www.hellowestmichigan.com/