Robroy Industries will continue to be an uncommon company with dynamic growth and financial success. An important part of that success is a commitment to creating and sustaining a culture of learning, growth and mutual respect. In addition to the Robroy Vision, this culture is achieved in part due to the guidance of the four non-negotiable principles:


We are committed to providing a work environment in which safety is not compromised. Creating such a work environment is a matter of accountability and commitment. Our policies, practices, and procedures reflect the importance we place on accountability for the health and safety of all team members. Equally important, each and every Robroy associate must be and stay committed to safety. Associates are responsible for their own personal safety, as well as the safety of the equipment and those around them. Through this personal commitment, we expect safety to be a lifestyle – not only because it prevents injuries and accidents at work and at home, but also because it supports our goals of high productivity and best-in-industry quality. It is the competitive edge that guarantees our continuing success.


In order to have a safe and productive work environment all associates are responsible for maintaining good housekeeping in everything that they do. This includes arriving for work promptly and being dressed appropriately. Associates are expected to keep their working environment neat and orderly throughout the day, whether they work within the Plant or Office, by cleaning as they go, straightening, and picking up debris and other mess. No cups, paper or trash should be left in a work area, and tools or supplies must be kept clean and stored in an orderly fashion at all times.


We practice “Self-Managed Performance” whereby all associates participate in goal setting to focus on their growth and development, take full accountability of tasks and responsibilities, and complete tasks and manage problems. Associates are expected to rely upon themselves and each other before seeking immediate direction from their Manager/Supervisor. Individuals who are accountable, growth-oriented, and self-directed practice Self-Managed Performance. Additionally, it is the associate’s responsibility to be a little more productive each and every day and to understand how they will be measured against the set of quantifiable “Measurements” outlined in the job description for that associate.


We have created a culture of mutual respect and partnership. This achievement has been reached by establishing an expectation that every associate will strive for the betterment of the team, not simply personal gain. Each associate is hired for their intellectual capabilities and potential and is asked to “check” their ego at the door whilst committing to the goals of the organization. Robroy Industries will not tolerate individual beliefs and desires stifling the progress of the team, remember T.E.A.M: “Together Everyone Achieves More”.